Integration of public transportation in Iceland

  • 31 December 2021
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I'm not sure, how it's possible to get new lines into the interrail pass. I was researching this year about overtourism/ public transportation in Iceland. There's the idea to add bus services in the pass, like between France and Spain, to stop the high usage of cars by tourists there. How can we support to bring the long-distance bus company and Eurail together in a dialog? 



3 replies

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Just rent a car in Iceland. Small country.


Rent Car usage isn't sustainable and Iceland went crazy with it, because of traffic jams and problems of overtourism.

That's why, there should be a good alternative with public transportation. Who is responsable for the integration?

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Eurail and Interrail aimed mostly for Railtourism (just few Buses are included where the railnetwork is interrupted or pretty slow)

The problem is how should get the Interrailers and Eurailers (that explore the “main Europe”) to Iceland? Only two ways are possible by Plane (not good quite environmentally friendly) or by Ferry from Denmark via the Faroe Islands.

That is just my opinion :)