Italy: With train to small villages. Any tips?


Hey guys! Its my first time interrailing this summer. I wanted to ask if it is easily possible to travel between smaller villages by train and if those are also included in the interrail global pass? Do you have any tipps? And are other countries like Spain or France better or not?

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Italy is better than Spain or France by train. In Spain almost all trains needs a reservation, in France local trains run only some times. In Italy it is a bit better for local trains, but in the north it is a bit less than in Switzerland, in south Italy on some routes only a few trains. High speed trains run very often and needs 10€ reservation bookable via ÖBB. IC 3€. Please look for the tutorial to book it here: How to get Reservations :) | Community

Look at about timetables or other websites like or, 

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IF they have a stazione and IF treni delle TrenItlaia stop there (that will be regionale) you can of course use pass. But note that in several regions the local lines are run by other operators=no pass valid.

Also local fares, even though now set by the regione and vary, are still fairly cheap for westerners-which means that passdays will cost more as buying local tix-with such slow treni you cannot cover long distanzia.

Also TrenITalia has 2 different passes for much lower price to be used ONLY on regionale treni: for 3 or 5 days (all year) or for 4 weekends in a row (only this summer-39€).

Several regions-notably Lombardia, Umbria, Lazio (around Roma) and Campania (Napoli) also have local 1 or more day passes for all transit=also bus/metro etc.

However-most of you will only ask this for this overcrowded 5 earth=cinque terre, with a few villages overflown with turistici in summer and also having treni speziale to transport them.


Alright, thanks a lot for the answer. I think I will go the north coast then. I will do some resesrch which area there is the most interesting for sleeping outside.


Thanks a lot!