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I know I am not the only one waiting for the reservations to open for the SJ94 train from Stockholm to Narvik, even with a change at Boden and Bjørkliden.

I checked just now on : what is open is only a departure today and tomorrow. Starting the 22th, it says “Not available” but between 16th and 21th of May, it says “We didn’t find any matching departures”.

Is this due to the derailment ? I thought that the train ran daily (even with the Boden connection). Does it ?

I plan to travel at the very beginning of July. My final destination is Tromsø. I am looking for an alternative route in case I could not get a ticket through Narvik (and I feel I will know that only a few days before). Do you know if it is easy to travel from Stockholm to Trondheim without a reservation (local trains ?), or with a last minute reservation ? Same question for Trondheim-Bodø even with a seat in the night train.

Thank you for any other route suggestion.


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There's no SJ train to Narvik. It is VY who runs the trains north of Umeå. You need to check the VY website. You might need to contact VY customer service for reservations with Interrail/Eurail.

Thanks, I was confused by this

Vy gives the same information as SJ but I’ll check SJ now.

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VY is the company running the train. They have problems with the reservations so that might be a the reason why you can't find the train you want. 

(I meant I’ll check Vy. Still confused)

Vy has results for beginning of summer for other routes.

I’ll try and read any new information about this Stockholm-Narvik night train. Still wondering if it runs every night.

Directly with VY, the train from Stockholm to Narvik is shown and if a try a booking (did it for the first week of July) it does give me a sleeper compartment with concrete numbers. Of course I didn’t try to pay.

It’s also possible to go via Storlien - Trondheim; if you do a backup seat reservation it would be about 10 € that can’t be refunded. But of course it takes longer (need to leave Stockholm in the morning for about the same arrival time in Tromsø).

Thank you @Hektor !

Is this search correct :,18.057966232299805&toPosition=68.44151306152344,17.4412899017334

I don’t get any answers.

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As I wrote, VY has problems with their reservation system for the night train. 


Here it does work. Following your link, I don’t get any results for any date.

I get it, on not

Thank you so much !