Travel in August/September. What pass is recommended?

  • 14 June 2022
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Hi. I am planning 4 trips within 3 weeks (August/September): Berlin to Munich; Munich to Paris; Paris to London and London to Edinburgh. Which pass do you recommend?

5 replies

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If you wanna use a Railpass you have to use the Globalpass as your journey cover several countries

Note you will need reservations for the TGV/ICE to Paris (there is daily one direct train from Munich in the early morning)
Paris - London needs a reservation aswell ontop of the Railpass.

Much appreciated!  Thank you.

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Check if a pass is worth it-by simply checking on the sites of those railways (, sncf, eurostar) what advance tix would cost-these come with RES included and saves you all the stress about this we wee here daily a few dozen times. 1st and last do not need RES-thats optional.

Thanks.  It looks like a 4 day Eurail pass will be slightly cheaper than point-to-point. (And more convenient.) Can I book the actual seats / trips well in advance but well after buying the Eurail pass?  Will booking fees add much to the cost?

Thanks again. (First time user!)


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The reservation fee for the Eurostar is 30 EUR in 2nd class. Pass holder seats on popular departures sell out weeks, and sometimes months in advance. The reservation fee on the TGV is 10 or 20 EUR.


You don't need to have the pass to make the reservation if you follow this guide made by some experienced travellers.

The advice from the experienced travellers in the community is to use other ways to make reservations than the Interrail/Eurail website. You can look at the guide in the link:

If you, after having looked at the guide, have questions about how to make specific reservation, please give your travel details (departure date, time and route) preferably in a new post, and you will get advice.