Booking seat reservations with paper pass

  • 19 August 2023
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I’m having trouble booking seat reservations with my paper pass. The website takes me to a page where I have to choose which trip I'd like to book reservations for, so I made a trip, but I need to add travellers to the trip, and this is is where it goes wrong. I’m clicking ‘add a traveller’ which takes me to a page where I have to choose mobile or paper pass, so I choose the ‘paper pass’ option, and instead of taking me to a new page, it just takes me back to the page where I have to choose the trip. So basically it’s just a cycle.


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Try again later if it doesn't work. Interrail/Eurail websites are known for multiple issues…

Otherwise have a look at these 2 links advising better and often cheaper places to book seat reservations (mainly through the railway company directly) :

For further questions mention route, date and departure time and we'll gladly help.