Can I make seat reservations beforre I activate the pass?

  • 12 May 2024
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I would like to make seat reservations before I actually arrive in Europe. Can I reserve seats with a non-activated pass? I am thinking Eurostar, ICE, etc. I have tried searching this forum for this topic - and indeed it has come up before. But usually the only answers side-step the question, and ask about the specific travel plans of that person asking. Can someone please let me know if it's possible to make reservations without activation? If not, then it's possible to find trains completely full. 


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3 replies

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Yes, you don't have to (and shouldn't) activate the pass to book reservations.

The process to book reservations differs. Have a look at this guide:

Eurostar is pretty much the only company to have a passholder quota (+ TGVs out of Brussels). You can easily check their availability here:

For ICE trains you can use DB (4.90€ per journey) or ÖBB (3€ per train) and it's the same process with a ticket or a pass (= no need to indicate a pass number).

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Thank you very much. 


France’s TGV also have limits on pass holders too I believe. 

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Nope. There used to be a quota on the Barcelona TGV but now only Eurostar and TGVs out of Brussels remain.

There is however a 10€ limited fare which increases to 20€ at some point. The 20€ fare can't sell out (unless tickets do).