Cannot book couchette on EuroNight train Prague - Frankfurt

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Ah, would it be easier then to book the whole ticket through CD (so that I can already include the sleeper reservation)?

But this train definitely has the couchette option right, it’s just a matter of booking through the right place?

I’m not sure if I’m too late, I wanted to book it for 10/04.

Thank you!

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Hi, this train consist of 2 trains, but they run together. 

EC - Eurocity Praha-Zürich (only seats - reservation optional) and

EN - Euronight Praha-Zürich (only couchette and sleeper - reservation needed)

arrival in Frankfurt Main Hbf is at 3:47 in the morning. 


Deutsche Bahn can sell only reservations for seats online. For couchette or sleeper you need to book directly via Czech Railways CD. But bookings opens late.

INFO: At the moment the website of CD does not work ???