Cut off times for booking trains on travel day

  • 17 August 2021
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Hi all! I am travelling in Genoa, Italy right now and hoping tomorrow to travel to Cinque Terre. We have to first catch a train from Genoa to Levanto and then travel to each of the 5 villages which we choose to visit. My question is, we don’t know how long we will stay at each village and therefore, cannot determine before tomorrow we what trains to book between each village on the inter rail planner app. Can someone please help me confirm whether it is possible to book trains (trains without requiring seat reservations of course) on your travel day or does it have to be booked before midnight of your travel day? I would imagine you can be spontaneous and book additional tickets on your travel day as long as it doesn’t require a seat reservation. Thanks heaps in advance :) 


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Hi, it is possible to book seat reservations, even if it is not required. You can do this on your day of travel at the station.