EURONIGHT from Stockholm to Berlin

  • 23 March 2024
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Hello everyone
I would like to book the night train from Stockholm to Berlin. The travel date is July 12th and I would like to make a reservation now as the European Championships are taking place in Berlin at the same time. However, when I try to do this via the Interrail website, I get the following error message: 
Prices not available
No results were found. Reservations for this connection may be sold out for Pass holders. However, there are other ways to find available seats. You can find more information under our timetable.
The sj website also says not available when booking. Am I too early with my booking or is there another problem?


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2 replies

You are too early. There are also track maintenance works planned in Denmark from that weekend on (for about ten days) so Competitior Snälltåget won’t run from that Friday night on (but that’s mainly because they do go to Innsbruck on Saturday) so that is no option, too. But as the line is still open that night you may just wait as SJ bookings for that train generally do open late.

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Reservations for SJ Euronight are only released until the 2nd of June at the moment.