How do I book the EuroNight Sweden 345 from Copenhagen Airport to Berlin - unable to find reservetion

  • 25 April 2024
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Hi all


First time interrailing here so it is possible I am being stupid but when trying to book our first sleeper train from copenhagen airport to berlin hbf I cannot for the life of me find out where to book a reservation and all I see is this [pictured]. I understand sometimes you need to book this reservation with third parties but none of the suggested ones seem to even have this train listed? Does this simply mean that this train is already fully booked or am I making a mistake?


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You should be able to book it on, adding the interrail discount

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What date did you look for? I can make the reservation. 



You can’t make reservations from the app. And don’t book at Interrails own booking site if you can avoid it - it adds a €2 booking fee.

Reservations for SJ trains is best booked at They have just changed their booking system for journeys after June 4. So things looks a little different from som guides you might find (Like this one:

Here is my instructions for the new SJ booking system. This might also be useful for other users:

  • Go to Or for the English version (These instructions will be based on the English version).
  • Click “Search journey”.
  • Choose travle date. This is to determine if you will be using the old or new system. This step might disappear after June 4.
  • Select your departure and arrival stations. You can also change departure date again.
  • Now you should tell the system that you have an Interrail/Eurail pass and therefore only need a reservation. This step has changed a little from the old system: Click “Customise” next to “Traveller 1”.
  • Click “Travels with travel card”. A dropdown menu appears. Select “Interrail or Eurail”.
  • Enter your pass number in “Card number”. It currently looks like there is no validation. For test purposes you can enter anything, but for a real reservation you should enter a valid pass number, since it is printed on the final ticket.
  •  Click “Save”
  • Add more travelers if needed.
  • Choose your journey.
  • Choose travel class. 1. og 2. class for day trains. Seat, couchette or sleeping compartment for night trains. Make sure the pass is valid for the class.
  • Choose private or shared compartment.
  • For shared compartment, choose between men’s, women’s or mixed compartments.
  • Choose flexibility. “Non-rebookable” tickets will be full price, so just choose “Refundable”.
  • Click “Continue”.
  • Unlike the old system, there is no option to choose between upper, middle or lower bed/berth. I hope this will be fixed. If needed, keep trying in new browser tabs until you get the type of bed you want. If you book a shared compartment from Copenhagen at 00:10, I suggest you try to get a lower bed, to disturb the other passengers as little as possible - they might already be sleeping.
  • Click “Go to checkout”.
  • Enter name(s), Contact details and payment method and click “Pay”


Palle Dam

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  • Enter your pass number in “Card number”. It currently looks like there is no validation.

There is now a validation and you need a valid pass number, preferably a 6 character mobile pass number. 


AFAIK you can't book a private compartment with SJ if you have Interrail.