How do I use my eurail pass on the b-europe website?

  • 31 August 2022
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I am using the b-europe website to book several train trips.  There are three people in my party, and we all have the global eurail pass, and have activated our passes in the rail app.  When I choose an interinary using b-europe, it is not using our passes to reduce the price of each reservation.  I DO NOT SEE a place to enter our pass numbers.  My question is:  WHERE DO I ENTER OUR EURAIL PASS INFORMATION INTO THE B-EUROPE WEBSITE so that it accounts for the fact that we have the pass? I’m have spent 6-7 hours each day this week trying to get this to work.  I’m hoping someone can offer me a very step by step guided tutorial on where I enter our pass info.  I have a profile created for each of the people in my party and see several other options for pass numbers to be entered (Eurostar, Thaylus, etc) but nowhere to enter the info on our eurail passes.  HELP!


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I found it in a whim a few weeks ago-when I had to use it-by just friend google:

booking seats with interrailpass on b-europe

But as I am not native /en/ I used my own language, one of the 3 official ones in BE

You need a passcover nr-which is not automatically supplied by mobile passes (its printed as the name says on old-style paper) but it can now be generated in a feature on the site

DO note that b-rail cannot RES everything you may have in mind-its mostly for €* and TGV on SNCF=FR. There is surcharge of 4€ per booking or p.p.

Youd better look+find the grand overveiw of seewulf, always linked by 3333+ poster anna fra sverige, which lists all howtodo-some as far as tutoring-as this varies an enormous lot in between countries

Hint; Try to avoid Thalys as much as can-super expensive and currently in a mood of late-min cancellations. Its also quite easy to do that by using other more regional trains-but o dear-USA-we do not think always think in ´time is money´ here.

Here is the the booking page for a Eurostar reservation:

You enter your pass number in the third field.

Here's a direct link to the booking page for Eurostar and Thalys trains:

Just follow the steps on the web page. It will just show prices for passholders. You need to enter your pass number in the third step of the booking process.  

If you'd like to do a reservation for other trains in France, use this link:

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Just in case you haven't found it yet, you can generate your own pass cover number using this tool: Book your reservations (