How to buy a Eurail seat reservation directly from a national rail line's own web-site?

  • 11 May 2022
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I need a how-to.

If I want to buy a mandatory seat reservation to use with my already purchased Eurail pass on a train that can be booked at is there any way that I can buy just a Eurail seat reservation instead of a full price ticket?

More generally, is there any way to purchase mandatory seat reservations to use with a Eurail pass from a national rail line’s own web site?


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4 replies

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There are quite many :) For some of them i made a manual in this community

On is the question if you wanna reserve a daytrain, a Nighttrain or a Italian daytrain please look for the 3 different manuals in this post

If you let us know your route we can provide you with the links as there are more than a dozen website in Europe as each country have atleast one Railcoompany :D

There are quite many :) For some of them i made a manual in this community

 Thank you for taking the time to put hose manuals together.  They are going to help me quite a bit.  And thank you for such a quick response to my question.


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If there are any further question just ask :) i will try to assist as much i can. :)


I just want to tell you that your instructions worked perfectly and I’ve got the couchette berths that I needed to purchase on the day that we were hoping to travel on this leg of our Eurail pass adventure.  (This is the leg that gets us back to The Netherlands the day before we’re flying back to Toronto.  So it was a really important leg to nail down for me.)

So a great big thank you!