is a reservation needed?

  • 12 September 2022
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We are part way through our trip and currently in Vienna. We want to spend a day in Budapest 13/9. The app indicated that we would need to reserve seats but when I go through the link to reserve it says that no reservation is needed? 

Should we just turn up without reservations?






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The app is wrong about most trains Budapest - Vienna: reservations are mostly not required. It may be that the website is more up to date.

This route was quite busy this summer, so a reservation was recommended. Not sure how it is now. If you want to book one online, book it via (Seat only), since that's a lot cheaper than via Interrail (3€ instead of 6€).

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IF you want to be 123% sure of a seat FROm  BP-do it via the yellow MAV-machine in the station after arr-and only inland (to Györ)-for less as 1€-then you can sit for sure and you can just stay on.