Issues with App and reservation

  • 21 October 2021
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Hello Interrail-Team,

my girlfriend and me travelled with an Interrail Global Pass this summer.
We are from Germany and travelled through France, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.
We faced some minor and one major issue:
1. Both of our smartphones were not able to make a reservation of a ticket.
A direct reservation via the app is not possible at all.
The app redirects us to your website, where at one point the reservation tool just stops working.
Therefore, we had to go to the train station each time we made a reservation.
2. We tried to travel from France to Italy via Ventimiglia by 2 intercity trains.
We couldnt book the intercity train starting from Ventimiglia to Italy back when we were in France because of Issue No.1.
When we tried to book the train in Ventimiglia it was already full, so we had to stay there longer than expected.
3. We both updated the app to the latest version including the train timetable.
Still, there were different departure times for lots of intercity and regional trains.

Please fix your app, so that future generations of young travelers can enjoy Interrail.

Other than that the trains in France, Spain, Italy were all punctual.
As soon as we reached Germany they were late again...


4 replies

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  • Reservations via Interrail are problematic, I gather from all reports. But since Interrail charges extra for reservations booked through them, many people (me included) look for other channels, such as the operators’ websites, ticket offices or phone services.
  • As long as the app only gets monthly updates and does not implement connection times  between trains correctly, the timetables in the app cannot be relied on. If you have specific examples of differences you've found, please post examples.
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Hi, I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues when making reservations. We appreciate you took the time and effort to provide us with your feedback. 

Could you answer the below questions so that we have the necessary information to look into it
- It is indeed correct that the App links to websites where reservations can be made. For which country, and route, did the reservation tool stop working? How did it look like? Any error message shown? 
- Regarding the different timetable data, we are dependent on booking systems from which we retrieve the information, so it can happen that the app is not fully up to date. If you see differences, do let us know which ones, so that we can look into it and take action. 

Thanks again for providing your feedback. Hopefully, you have been able to enjoy your trip through France, Spain and Italy. 

Have a great weekend. 

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@rvdborgt what do you mean with implementing connection times between trains correctly? 

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@rvdborgt what do you mean with implementing connection times between trains correctly? 

Please check my recent post (item 14) for some examples.