Making a reservation in the UK

  • 30 January 2023
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Taking my first  interailing later this year, starting from Manchester to Brussels Via eurostar.

I have been told I need to reserve a seat on the Manchester to London train( run by Avanti West Coast) Does anyone know how I do this? 

Feeling like I'm going round in circles!



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3 replies

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You don’t need to reserve.

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Reservations for day trains in GB are optional but some operators are sending incorrect data to the European Timetable Centre and Avanti is one of them. That means that timetable planners will indicate that reservation is compulsory although in reality that is not the case.

You can book a reservation free of charge though if you want, at a ticket office in GB or via the GWR website:


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Avanti trains can get pretty busy - they seem to be having some capacity issues - so I would encourage reserving a seat. Plus, they're free and can be made easily online through GWR.