Missing train connection in the interrail app

  • 4 August 2021
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Hi, we habe a mobile pass and we planned our trip with the train connections of the deutsche Bahn App. The Problem is that the train connections that we planned with aren’t existing in the interrail app. Now we want to activate our pass but we have to add our train connections that aren’t existing here. Can we use the train connections of the deutsche Bahn App for our mobile pass because only with them we can visit the places that we would like to visit. We also saw that Deutsche Bahn and interrail are cooperating partners so it would be possible right?


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4 replies

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The question is if the train operator (on the app of DB click on the train details) is covered by Interrail/Eurail or not :) as the DB App show trains that are not covered or maybe need a reservation for passholders :)

You can add manually trains to your pass that are not in the Interrail app :) @Nanja  posted somewhere a manual how to do it but i can´t find the manual currently

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Seewulf is right. Do check if it is covered by our Passes and whether you need a seat reservation

You can add your journey manually by clicking on the blue hyperlink '’add it manually'’ at the bottom of the planner in the app. 

I travelled with the mobile pass for the first time . I came back two weeks ago . The  Planner did not show all connections or some times strange  connections and times . I could not reserve seats with  the app . The mobile user experience is slightly better than the paper one . I read there has been updates .

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Hi Timo,

Thanks for sharing your first digital Interrail experience with us. The Rail Planner App retrieves information from railway carriers across Europe. If it doesn't show certain connections it means we have not received information from the railway carrier. In those cases it is recommended to also check the website of the railway carrier. Just recently we had some updates of both the App and timetable. 

I hope to see you travelling with our Pass again in the near future. If you need assistance before or during your trip, do not hesitate to reach out to the Community and the Eurail Customer Support team. 

Have a great day :relaxed: . Cheers,