Need Help in Train booking without seat reservation from Zurich to Aalen, Germany.

Hi Friends. 

I have a Eurail global pass till 14 June. I wish to book a train today from Zurich to Aalen (Germany) to travel on 30 May. The Eurail Planner shows Train EC 8 from 10.59am to Karlsruhe HBF Arriving at 2.10pm. After changing train in 56 mins to IC 2161 at 3.06pm to Aalen 4.57pm. It says for both trains reservation is not required and Im ready to board. 

When i click to receive a printout from home, there is a charge of about $26usd (3 pax) from Zurich to Karlsruhe and from Karlsruhe to Aalen $65usd. It says i can buy a seat reservation but its not required.

So does it mean I just go to Zurich station and board the train with my Eurail global pass and no need to have a printout showing my tickets and seat number. Please advise. Its my first time booking a no reservation seat. So i can sit at any of the available seat in both trains? 

Another train timing shows 6 min transfer at Karlsruhe, but im not sure if the time is enough to alight and change train as we have 2 big and 2 small luggages as well. 

Thank you. 


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with an Eurail pass you don’t need to book anything for trains without a compulsory seat reservation. You just have to add the train in the railplanner app to your trip and make sure that you activated a travel day for it. Then you’ll receive a QR Code which is your ticket. No need to print anything for this.

on the train the reserved seats are usually displayed, so you can find a non reserved seat.

6 mins is OK transfer time but with a little delay can be that you miss it. You can then just hop on the next available train (and add that in the app). If you arrive more than one hour late at your destination. You are eligible for a delay compensation.

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You'll definitely miss the 6 min connection... unless the second train is delayed too!

I'd take a 30 min or more connection for peace of mind. Of course you can change your mind along the way: Eurail gives you that flexibility when reservations aren't required!

Reservations are optional and there are generally loads of seats on the first EC. However you could decide to make them for 4.90€ pp through DB (for the whole journey).