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  • 11 May 2024
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Do you have any information on the opening of reservations for the Berlin Paris night train around August 17? Or the Berlin Zurich?

And also for the Stockolm Narvik at the beginning of August?

Thank you in advance for your information and have a nice weekend!


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Berlin-Paris will open 3 months in advance (like all NightJet-connections), Stockholm Narvik 60 days. Just a couple of days patience and you’ll be able to book :)

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Some Nightjet routes open 6 months ahead but those are rather rare. Berlin - Paris usually 3 months or so before, sometimes less. There are so many engineering works along the route…

Stockholm - Narvik is currently closed due to a freight train derailment (or rather two). The railway should reopen in June. Keep a close eye on bookings.

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Berlin - Paris and Berlin - Zurich are mainly not open yet because the Rhine mainline will be closed for 3 weeks in August. They need some time to figure out the new timetables.

The former should be diverted via Saarbrücken, the latter via Stuttgart/Schaffhausen (not stopping in Freiburg, Basel, etc.).


Thanks for your answer Do you think we should book a day train instead or should we wait for the new time table ?

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No, I'd wait. Shouldn't take too long. :)

Daytime trains will also be redirected and take longer than usual (+ run less frequently).

What's your final destination?


Some of us are going to Lyon. The others to Briançon in french Alps.

Best regards

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Alright. Not possible to reach from Briançon from Zurich (after the night train’s arrival) but Lyon is doable.

I guess via Paris remains the best option. Let’s wait and see. Plan sufficient margin for sure as this night train is frequently 1-2 hours late.

There’s also the Paris - Briançon night train. That doesn’t help the Lyon travellers of course but you could spend the day together in Paris before parting ways:

  • 20:51 night train departure from Paris-Austerlitz
  • 19:00 TGV from Paris Gare de Lyon

Thanks so much for your answer and this detailed informations :)


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Stockholm-Narvik in August should now be bookable, since shows prices.

Unfortunately, Vy don't sell pass reservations online and SJ haven't fixed their booking website yet, so if you want to book now and not wait until SJ get around to fixing their website, you'll have to call Vy to book a pass reservation.