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I need to book two sleeper compartments on the obb nightjet from Genoa to Munich on October 24th. I've been checking the nightjet website regularly to book as soon as they become available. I was able to book another nightjet connection for 29th September a while back, but the 30th September is the latest date available. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on when the bookings for October might become available or if the night train from Italy to Munich will be running normally in October?


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I see tickets available on 24th October. The calendar seems to be blocked on 30th September but if you click on "later connections" it will work.

A 4 people couchette compartment would be 239.60€ (with Interrail). Expensive but still not too bad.

Sleepers would be over 500€. Nightjet prices for you... :/

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Oh, you're right, how did I miss that, thanks a lot for your help. The price of a sleeper is definitely not what we were prepared for though, will have to see if we need to make new plans once again.