Researched forums for answers, still a couple questions on reservations and supplements

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Canadian couple will be traveling Europe by train with first class Global Passes already purchased, mid-May to mid-June 2023. I’ve scoured the forums and picked up the info I can, but am still just a bit confused as to the best way to make the reservations. We are new to this.

I’ve used the rail planner app for initial research on the routes we’ll require reservations on, but my understanding is that it isn’t always accurate as to schedules and isn’t ideal for making the reservations through. I’m posting my trip schedule (and reservations needed as I understand it) below and would appreciate feedback on whether it appears correct and the best way to make the reservations I have to.

I do understand that I need to generate a pass cover on the Eurail site to make reservations. Can I use one cover for all reservations for both my wife and me? Also, where needed, are supplements purchased with reservations?


  • Amsterdam to Brussels May 16th - no reservations/supplement
    • Bruges day trip - no reservations
  • Brussels to Paris May 20th - no reservations/supplement
    • Versailles day trip - no reservations
  • Paris to Nice May 24th - reservations required
  • Nice to Monterosso al Mare May 27th - reservations required
  • Monterosso to Venice May 30 - reservations required
  • Venice to Salzburg June 2 - some trains require reservations/supplement (will do to be safe)
  • Salzburg to Munich June 4 - no reservations/supplement
  • Munich to Cologne June 7 - no reservations/supplement
  • Cologne to Amsterdam June 8 - reservations recommended (are they needed?)

So, in brief:

  • Is there one site where I can make all the needed reservations, assuming I should avoid the planner app?
  • One pass cover number for both, or do I need one for each of us?
  • Supplements automatic with reservations?

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LOL, yes, but wouldn’t it just be easier for the companies to all agree that aligning behind simpler reservation experiences could still get them revenue and be much better for the customer?

These supplements exist between Italy and Austria (Brenner and Tarvisio lines) because the company running these lines isn't part of the Eurail/Interrail scheme and would like to receive "some money" too, so to speak.

Or so they claim. That supplement may have started because of that reason, but times have changed. If companies like Regiojet and Westbahn can get their share of the pass revenue and don't need to charge additional supplements, then surely others can also do that. And maybe they already do, but just keep the supplement in place because it's easy money.

Anyway, I think I’ve finally got it all. Reserve Firenze to Venice, leave Monterosso earlier and enjoy some Florence sightseeing. Buy the supplement for Venice to Salzburg and I should be good to go. Still 4.5 weeks until we fly to Amsterdam. Again, thank you all very much for the help.

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You're welcome. Enjoy your trip !

And do not hesitate to ask further questions