Reservation for Renfe train made by phone

  • 6 June 2022
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I just called renfe and made a seat reservation for me and my children (all with interrai passes).


The operator gave me a code, called something like Locator number, and told me I need to find it in the interrail site to pay for the seat reservations.

They also said they will send the code to my email.

1 - Does anyone know where can I add this Locator number in the interrail site? Has anyone some experience with renfe and this way of booking seat reservations?
2 - What are best practices when the seat reservation is not possible to do in the interrail site? Neither on deutsche bahn site and neither on scnf or renfe… etc

I did not get any email from them… now I am afraid there is no seat reservation and I will miss this connection :(

Thank you in advance for any help.


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Sounds like a misunderstanding. You can do pre-reservations via the RENFE hotline but after booking you need to collect and pay them within 72 hours at a RENFE ticket office. Also see this overview. Interrail won't know about this booking and you can't collect it via Interrail.

Apart from the overview I mentioned, have a look at this thread, e.g. this post about domestic trains in Spain.

If you have questions about making a reservation for a specific train, then please specify origin, destination, date and departure time.