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  • 7 June 2022
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Hello, I try to book London to Newcastle on july 4 and always get this answer on all the trains: “Not Available from” Could this mean that it is not at all possible to book this ticket true my interrail pass? So i will have to buy/pay the ticket? Or what do i do if i want to use my interrail pass for this trip. Thank you for the reply!


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2 replies

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Here is a guide from some experienced travellers on how to make reservations. Somewhere there is information on how to make reservations in the UK.


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You CAN REServe-for free-at any larger UK station, buy you do not even need to. Trains of East Coast run ev 30 mins-and seats are clearly shown as being REServ or not. There are also now 2-3 LUMO trains (low cost)-these do NOT (yet?) accept passes.

Same applies to all IC-trains in GB-local trains cannot even be REServed.