Reservation Split -Budapest

  • 8 July 2021
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Hi iam struggeling to reserve/book the Nighttrain Split - Budapest.
I tried it with both Croatian Rail (can´t prebook just when iam there :/  :)
Hungarian Rail (Mav) it´s possible but must be collected at a International Ticket desk in Hungary.
German Rail and Austrian Rail can´t find this train in their timetables and booking systems.

Maybe one of you have a solution how to get tickets/reservation for this train in advance.
My backup the Travelagency Wasteels In Budapest stopped to exist. :cry:

2 replies

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Hi, this is not the easiest one to book in advance. It might be possible from the Czech national railway company as some night trains are bookable there. However, most likely this train can be only be booked locally for Pass holders, I am afraid. Cheers

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Yeah already notice it. Hungarian Rail offer it only but only for pickup in Hungary and i don´t wanna use the Regiojetservice :D (Interrail is not valid on the Regiojet services to Rijeka/Split :/