I have a Eurail Pass and booked a Reservation and it has myself and my partner sitting nowhere near each other.


I have seen questions here about changing seats and no one has a good answer.


You can’t tell me that we are expected to travel around Europe on a Pass we bought for travelling together not sitting with each other??? That is not acceptable and no one should think it is.




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Please give us more info if you want "real useful" advice. Don't forget that we are other travellers too, not Eurail employees.

What's the route and travel date?

The system assigns seats together automatically. However if the train is almost full the system can't do much (for example).

Sometimes if you book elsewhere than through you also get access to a seat map. It could also be cheaper (no fees). Have a look here:

(Side note: if you had bought a regular ticket it would've been the same system assigning seats so...)

But please give us more info and we'll gladly help.

Hi.  I wanted to see what I got back first before I put more up there.


Train is on 2nd July from Verona to Venice.


As I said, it didn’t put us together and I KNOW there were 3 seats together as my Mum and Dad also booked the same train and they got 3 seats separated from each other but 1 of their seats was next to one of ours.

And they made their reservation the day after I made mine.


I will look at Seat 61 as well thanks 


If you do reserve your seats in Italy with you do have the option to choose your exact seats from a seating plan for 2 € per person additional. If it's important for you to get seats together I'd invest these 2 € (and if you do book with Eurail directly they do add a fee for nothing so this is the better booking option anyway). Works with desktop version of the webpage only.

Hi Hektor


Thanks but I saw no option for choosing seats.  Is there a specific place for this?



Actually I booked on the Eurail site

Hi Hektor


Thanks but I saw no option for choosing seats.  Is there a specific place for this?



You do need to add your railpass on the first page (bottom left).

Then search for your connection. 

Then choose your connection. There may be connections shown where your railpass isn't valid. Just have a look at the cheapest price (e.g. 13 € per person is the most expensive daytrain option).

On the next page there is a Button "Choose your seat".

But we are talking about Italy. In other countries there may be other options to request specific seats.

Actually I booked on the Eurail site

Really always more expensive and less convenient. 

(See previous answer.)

Appreciate you responding however there was No button for choosing a seat and now that I have already booked, I need to change my seat reservation 😳😀

You do see it here:

Type "select".

Here are the exchange conditions for reservations bought from Eurail:

But I assume that a change won't help because you'd need to book your reservation with raileurope to be able to choose seats.

Maybe giving them back (if they did cost more than 10 €) and buy new ones might be an option? (But I'd have a look for availability first before doing this.)

Hi Hektor


Again, thank you so much for your help… that isn’t a bad idea, might look at that but as you said it might be done and done (and this trip is only 1 hour) so we can PUT UP WITH IT but I don’t want all my trips to be separated from my partner.


I will look at booking all future Seat Reservations NOT WITH EURAIL but I haven’t got that far yet.


Thanks again, have a great day.


Regards Glenda