Seat Reservation at SNCF

  • 4 October 2021
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By the way, can't you go to train station in Germany to book this ticket?

Via DB BAHN? Via an international counter in Germany?

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Hi @Sven, Thanks for your answer.

  1. I cannot. See my first post. And I checked every day since the beginning and it did not change… If I am able to reserve it via B-Europe, I do not care about the 4€, as long as I get the reservation.
  2. Me too! :D


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On the 24.10 with the TGV 8530 that starts at 07:24 AM from Hendaye



I can reserve this train via interrail itself. I do have a 1st class interrail myself, so I can't see if it also works for a 2nd class interrail.

Can you also check whether you can book this train via Interrail itself?
If you book through B-europe, you pay a cost of 4 euros for ALL your trains that you reserve.
With Interrail you pay 2 euros PER train, which you reserve through them.

I'm curious about the answer from @Nanja , in connection with the pass cover number.

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On the 24.10 with the TGV 8530 that starts at 07:24 AM from Hendaye

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What date do you travel from Hendaye to Paris?

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Exactly @Sven , I thing the root of the problem is what you say, that I cannot get my “Pass Cover Number” because since I have a Mobile Pass.

@Nanja, I´ve read in other threads that you might help me getting my “Pass Cover Number” for my mobile pass, can you?

Thanks a lot!

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Can you get a "pass cover number" for a mobile pass? So that you also have the freedom to book tickets via websites other than your website?

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Hi Seewulf! Thanks for your answer!

Really good Tip that about b-Europe! I didn´t know that. However, I can still not buy my reservation trough there, because I at a certain moment I am asked to give my Pass “Cover Number”, and I put the only number I have for my pass and it says it is not correct. I have a Mobile pass… Do you know whats going on there?



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You can reserve via Interrails own reservation service 2€service fee

or via b-Europe with 4€service fee :)

SNCF stopped first to sell the reservations online on their own page, this simmer they stopped to sell them via phone :/ the service for Railpassholders get more and more worse in France