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We have our passes and we are trying to book seats from Paris to Lucerne.  We can book seats from Paris to Basel but there is not an option to purchase seats from Basel to Lucerne.  I know we change trains in Basel but how do we purchase seats on the Basel to Lucerne segment?  Appreciate your help.


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First there are trains with mandatory reservations but the majority of trains do not require seat reservations. The Eurail Pass is your ticket for all of them, you get a QR-code through the app by adding the train you'd like to take before boarding.

Seat reservations in Switzerland are optional and often not possible, they're a complete waste of money anyway. You simply board any train you'd like

Other point : the TGV to Switzerland has a very high fee -> 37€ 2nd class or 70€ 1st class. It is advised to avoid it. Instead take the same TGV as far as the border station, in this case Mulhouse (for both classes -> limited 10€, then 20€ until the train is full). There are also more TGVs to Strasbourg. From Mulhouse or Strasbourg take a reservation-free TER regional train across the border. You'll save a lot of money and it is only max 30 min longer (often it only reduces the waiting time in Basel)

You can book TGVs within France here (4€ booking fee per order, compared to the 2€ per person per train on :

It is advised to avoid for booking seat reservations because they add a 2€ booking fee per person per train + they're sometimes more expensive than through the railway companies. General advice :

Let me know for questions

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Schedule example :

- Paris Gare de Lyon 10:20 - Basel (37 min wait) - Lucerne 15:05 37€

- Paris Gare de Lyon 10:20 - Mulhouse (16 min connection) - Basel (12 min connection) - Lucerne 15:05 10-20€

This is an example. There are also a lot more options from Paris-Est via Strasbourg and it might even be quicker depending on where your hotel is in Paris :)

Let me know your travel date if you'd like specific advice