The interrail pass reservation seemed not working

  • 25 May 2022
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Hi everyone!

I would like to book reservation of trains, and had already added my paper pass to My Trip. However, after adding a reservation to my cart, click on checkout, filling in my billing and contact information, and click continue to traveler details, the page never moved and I’m sure there is no error message or red warning text on the page. So I can never complete a reservation online.

And I opened up the web console to see the log, and found the server kept returning 500 to my webpage.

I’ve written an email to the eurail official, but seems they are too busy to process my problem.

Does anyone else encounter this kind of problem?



  1. My pass class is 2nd class
  2. pass type is eurail global pass
  3. valid from May to July, and I would like to book the train in June


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6 replies

Having a similar issue at the moment. My proceed to payment button is grayed out and not working.

I’m yet to have a smooth reservation process with InterRail. Next time I’m just buying the tickets from the providers even if its more expensive 😭


And now this 💀


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What is the error message that is showing?

What train(s) are you trying to book? (Origin, destination, date, departure time)

What is the error message that is showing?

What train(s) are you trying to book? (Origin, destination, date, departure time)

Sorry for late replying :/

Aiming to book Thalys of France and also the HST of Sweden, both of them were failed.

And the error is not displaying on the page, the page just not showing anything, just not doing anything.

The error I pasted is inside the webpage console, which I think might be related to the eurail official server bug (replied error 500). 

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For Thalys, the Eurail website should work. But better avoid trying when it's evening in Europe since the server tends to struggle. Otherwise, call SNCF (press #85 for English, no booking fee, reservation is sent via email).

For Sweden, book via SJ (no booking fees). You'll need to enter a pass cover number, but it will accept any number that consists of a capital e or i and 8 digits (e.g. E12345678). It is not printed on the reservation.

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Hello, I appreciate that this answer is much too late. We experienced a technical glitch with our reservation servers during this time. Should this ever occur, you can always check out alternative reservation methods on our website as well as the advice on the community. Mobile pass holders can generate their own pass cover number. Interrailers can use this pass cover number tool and Eurailers can find use this one