Trains from la spezia to rome

  • 5 July 2021
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Hello, what it’s better to make la spezia-Rome ? 
take a regional train, or take a fast train and pay 12€ reservation? There are some trains without reservation for this destination? Because when I go on railplanner there are some trains without price, so it’s that  trains with or without reservation ? 

9 replies

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I would recommend the direct Intercity train for example at 09.23 from La Spezia directly to Rome and a reservation cost just 3€ can be done easily at a Italian Ticket desk :) The Highspeedserivces aren´t really faster on this Route as the Speedlimit of the Route is not really high :)

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Hi Alizee,

Because of the pandemic, some regional trains in Italy are currently reservation-obligatory which are not normally; and this is mostly - but not always - correctly reflected in the Interrail timetable. To be safe, particularly when working out timetables in Italy, check on the official Trenitalia website (; where they do need to be reserved, these trains will be marked “prenotabile” in the Information icon on the right of the “Train” column on the timetable.

If it were me, I’d take an Intercity train on the La Spezia-Rome route because they’re direct, and because they take less than 30 minutes longer than the Frecciabianca alternative, while costing €7 less to reserve.

EDIT: I see this question has been already answered while I was typing, but I am unable to delete my duplicate answer.

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when I go to or even on others website with intercity train, I have price between 39€-40€. 

so how can I do to find trains at 3 or 7€? 

i have to wait for my trip at la spezia and buy a ticket at an Italian ticket’s office ? 

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The prices on Trenitalia and other websites are the standard ticket prices :) For non Railpass users :)

We assumed you have a Railpass (Eurail or Interrail :) ) with these you just need reservations for Italian High speed services :) sadly Trenitalia stopped to sell Reservations online back in 2019 :/ the bestway is yet via reservation services or what i prefer at a Ticket office :)

3€ is the standard reservation fee for Italian Intercity´s (Fast trains up to 200km/h) :)
7€ is the money you save as the HighSpeed train (up to 350 km/h but not on that Route) reservations cost in Italy 10€ :)

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Okay so when you say the « reservation service » you mean the interrail reservation service ? 
Or in a ticket office I show my interrail pass and i will pay the 3€ fee ? 
Or do I need to pay 10€ for the reservation + 3€ For the fee ? Or just 3€ for the fee ? It’s not clear for me sorry 😬

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If you book it in a ticket office you will pay 3 Euro for the reservation. Online with the interrail reservation service you will pay some extra fee.
I’d also recommend taking an InterCity train. They are more comfortable than the regional trains and a bit faster + windows give better views than in the doubledeck regional trains operating on those line(s).

As long as the 50% limitation is still in operation in italian trains, you should book in advance for weekends! Otherwise might be sold out (as it happened to me on this route on a Friday in May).

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There are several Reservation services Interrails own, Raileurope, ACP Rail and many many more but they all charge on top of the reservation (in case of Italian Intercity 3€) a service fee.

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Hello, what it’s better to make la spezia-Rome ? 
take a regional train, or take a fast train and pay 12€ reservation?

It's actually 10 € (from many train stations, inside or outside Italy) but Interrail have a 2€ fee, as already explained.

What you do depends on how much time value time and money, I guess. Everyone has a different definition of “better".


I would like to reserve a ticket from Torino to Firenze. 

I have a paper interrail pass, but I dont found the passholder number that is required to buy the ticket.

I try all the number on my paper pass but whithout success.

Do you know where is this number ?