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  • 26 July 2021
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Hi there!! I’m Sanne and in 2019 I won a DiscoverEU Interrail pass. This year I am going to Sweden using the pass and my friend wanted to join me so he bought the same pass as I have. 

To get to Sweden we need to book some seat reservations. I added him to my trip after reading some community q&a’s. But now I still can’t book. I can book all the reservations for myself, but not for him or us both. It says they’re not available when I try to book them yet I can book them for myself alone.


If anyone knows what to do, please let me know


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3 replies

Also when I book them for just myself it says “High Availability” beneath it. So I really don’t understand why it says “No Availability” when I want to book it for us both/my friend.

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There's a long-standing problem in Interrail's booking system. However, you can also book elsewhere and save money at the same time (interrail charges an extra fee of 2 EUR per seat).

  1. First, request a pass cover number (you will need it for some of the websites below).
  2. You can book trains from the Netherlands to Germany on the DB website; use the "Seat only”/"Nur Sitzplatz” button. Also book all train in one go because with DB you only pay once per journey, which can be for multiple trains.
  3. You can book the train from Hamburg to Copenhagen on the DSB website.
  4. For trains in Sweden, it's best to book via SJ.
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Hi Sanne, this is an issue on our side. As a workaround you will need to go to your account → trips & travellers, and add the missing information. You will be asked to fill out a Pass Cover number, which can be obtained by clicking on the green button '’request Pass Cover number'’ on this page

Alternatively, you can book on the websites of the train carriers itself, as suggested by rvdborgt. Cheers,