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  • 7 January 2024
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Currently I'm traveling in Scandinavians countries and I do have 1st class ticket.

After a few days I have train from Copenhagen and I'll have to wait a bit in train station. On eurail pass page I found information that I can use DSB lounge free of charge. 

My question is can I use the lounge to wait there before my train (from Copenhagen will be my first trip).

Similar situation I'll have also going from Stockholm. As check out in hotels usually is at 12 I will need to wait around 3h-4h for my first train.


Last question about delays. As I mentioned earlier I have train from Stockholm to Bergen - night train, with 2 stops. Looks like there's a lot of time for change, but while I was going to Copenhagen there was many delays and Im a bit worried about that. If my train in any connection will be late and I won't manage for my last connection, what should I do? Next train to Bergen will be around 8am. I'll need to pay extra money for place to sleep and I'll loose 1 of the day from eurail - is any of it refundable?


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With a 1st class pass you should be able to use the SJ lounge in Stockholm,  but it might be better to ask at the hotel if you can leave the luggage for some hours and spend some time in the city, than to spend 3-4 hours in the SJ lounge. You need to check the opening hours for the lounge.

Thank you for reply. I wouldn't consider much the lounge, but I need to work before the train. I thought about a coffee shop or stay in a hotel lobby, but if I already have a 1st class ticket then I would like to use the benefits of it

Quick update and extra questions.

I was able to wait in DSB lounge in Copenhagen without much problems- nothing special to be honest, but still better to wait there with coffee.


I have now some extra questions hope someone more experienced can help me.

1) One of my last train travel will take total 22h (let's say from 6pm up until 4pm next day). 1st night train and 2 later during the day. How it will be with my day travel? Will I need to use 2 day of pass?


2) lets say I have my train at 6PM, but I do activate the day earlier for example at 2pm- ticket - that's mean day of travel will expire at 13:59pm or at 5:59pm?


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The time when you board the train counts. On a pass day (00:00 - 23:59) you can board as many trains as you wish.

1) you'll need 2 pass days.

2) the activation time doesn't matter, the departure time matters

Oh are you sure about that? It's basically mean that is no worth to take night trains if you continue your trip after that.


Thank you 

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Oh are you sure about that? It's basically mean that is no worth to take night trains if you continue your trip after that.

Please also see:

Whether it's worth to use another travel day depends on the journey, I'd say. If it's short, you can also buy a separate ticket for it.

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Yes you may use trains before the long night train on a single pass day. But as soon as you connect the following morning you'll need a second pass day.