4-day Greek Islands Pass validity

  • 28 February 2024
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I’d like to have a clarification about the 4-day Greek Islands Pass.

It says on the site that it lasts 4 days but it does not clarify if once you activate it you have 4 consecutive days where you can use it, or if you have 4 different days in one month usage.

It’s 2 very different things, whereas in the second option you have more time and freedom on when to use those 4 days.


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8 replies

You do get 4 different days in one month, not 4 consecutive days.

I couldnt reserve ferry ticket for my child age 7.


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I couldnt reserve ferry ticket for my child age 7.

  1. What pass do you have?
  2. Please mention route, date and departure time.

I couldnt reserve ferry ticket for my child age 7.


You do just get free child passes if you do buy an adult pass, too.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I have booked 2 Euraiul Greek Islands Pass Adult. 

I didn't get pass number for my child MEHA KARUPPUSWAMY RAJASURYA.



See the below Itineraries


Kindly reserve ticket for my child Meha.


With Regards,

Karuppuswamy C

+91 9985399371. 

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There is no one in the Community that can make any reservations. This is a Community of travellers helping each other. You must contact the place where you made the reservation to get help there.

Did you order a pass for your child when you ordered the adult passes? Did the order confirmation contain information about the child’s pass?


While booking 4 day greek island pass.

I forget to add child details. 

Is it possible to add now?

With Regards,

Karuppuswamy C​​​​​

+91 9985399371 

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No, you can't add a children's pass. You must make an exchange of passes for one of the adult passes. You can only get a free children's pass when you buy an adult pass at the same time. If you didn't buy Plus, the cost for an exchange of passes is 15 EUR.