Paris-Milan disruption

  • 3 September 2023
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We’re affected by the cancellation until November of the Paris-Milan service due to a landslide.  Do we contact SNCF directly for a refund or go through InterRail (or will it happen automatically)?

We’ve re-routed via Nice but (while fortunate to have a first class pass) only second class InterRail reservations were available Paris-Nice. As it’s a special trip, it would be nice to go first and first class seats are still available on the SNCF website.  Is there a way of doing this? (My understanding is that under EU law, SNCF have an obligation to re-route as close as possible to the original booking.)


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5 replies

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There is no passholder quota on French TGV trains so this is a bit weird : should have offered 1st class seats if SNCF offers them... have a look at this link for your train :

About the refund : it's a bit complicated but as you've correctly found out SNCF is required under EU law to reroute everyone. However they are trying all means to avoid it (like spreading misinformation on Twitter...). I'd call them and explain your situation : if the person is in a good mood they hopefully will reroute onto another TGV to Nice.

I must say that I don't know all little details...

Many thanks thibcabe.  There are no first class seats on the InterRail website but as you say there are on the b-Europe website.  Iwill have to try and change.

We were booked on this too, going Naples Lyon via Turin.  Have elected to do bus Turin to Lyon. £30. Similar time as train. 

Bus takes away the romance of rail travel! 

It is proving a bit of a struggle getting a refund - SNCF told me to go through InterRail who are asking for lots of information.

Yes less romance. But I don't have a lot of flexibility tiimewise to connect with other reservations either side of the missing leg and back to Edinburgh in time for work.