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  • 10 October 2023
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Hola viajeros/as. Estoy tratando de hacer una reserva en Euronight de Praga a Basilea en diciembre pero me indica que los precios no están disponible. ¿A qué se debe eso y que puedo hacer?


Un saludo y gracias de antemano.


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9 replies

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Bookings after 10th December (date of the European-wide timetable change) should open this week or the next one.

It will be cheaper through the Czech railway company CD (

What is your travel date ? Maybe it is already available there.

Feel free to ask further questions. :)

Hola. Gracias por tu ayuda. Nuestra idea es tomar el tren del día 5 de diciembre. Un saludo

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Then it is available through

Add Interrail as a discount and look for your connection. Here are the listed prices (always for two) :

  • 2440 CZK (100€) 2 couchettes in a 6-people compartment
  • 2938 CZK (120€) 2 couchettes in a 4-people compartment
  • 4432 CZK (180€) private sleeper for two (best option)

It is a bit expensive but remember that you save a night accommodation. Seats are also available but not recommended at all : 149 CZK (6€). You won’t be able to sleep honestly...

The Prague - Zurich night train is less expensive btw.

  • 2888 CZK (118€) private sleeper for two
  • 3884 CZK (158€) deluxe private sleeper for two (with WC & shower)

Do not hesitate for questions and enjoy your trip ! Night trains are a good way to travel, especially in private compartments. :)

Genial. Gracias. ¿Esos precios que me indicas incluyen ya el descuento por tener el pase de interrail? Estoy tratando de añadir el descuento pero no se como hacerlo.


Un saludo

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Yes it is the price with discount.

Hopefully it will be clearer with the pictures. It works similarily on a computer.

Hola amigo. He tratado de localizar el billete de Praga a Zurich que me indicaste que era más barato pero el precio que me indica la web es el mismo que de Praga a Basilea.



¿Puedes ayudarme?



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Because this is the same night train which goes through Germany to Basel and Zurich.

There is another one leaving at 18:21 going through Austria and Liechtenstein. That one is cheaper.

Let me know if it doesn't work.

Ententido. He visto el tren al que te refieres pero no me permite comprar el billete online. Parece que debo hacerlo por correo o por email.



Muchas gracias por tu ayuda.


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The train doesn't seem to be available anymore on that day : whether on CD or ÖBB. It is possible that there was a single compartment left and that now it's sold out (single sleeper carriage for Prague - Austria - Zurich).

All other days are available so it looks like a likely possibility unfortunately.