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I am traveling to Switzerland with 2 friends this summer, and have purchased the Swiss Youth Pass. We will be visiting Zurich each day, but one of the routes from our location includes going via Basel, and taking the TGV, would this be covered.


Additionally at the end of our time in Zurich, we will be heading to Friedrichafen, from Bad Sackingen. We will have the 49 euro deutchlander ticket, so will this cover us for the journeys, as we are taking DB services?


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Yes TGVs and ICEs are considered domestic trains within Switzerland and you can travel on them with your pass. Note that TGVs are often packed so it might make sense to take another connection.

Bad Säckingen is in Germany so yes it will be covered by the D-Ticket. It is valid not only on DB trains but also SWEG, etc. -> basically all non long-distance trains. DB Navigator app is the best tool for planning.

Btw I don't know your age but the Friends Day Pass is fantastic value if you're all under 25. More:

Thank you so much for your response, that is great news! Yes, the Friends Day pass is fantastic value, we hope it will save us rather a lot, and give us some peace of mind!