Train IC 60403 Amsterdam to Zurich is terminated and delayed, how do I get compensations?

  • 10 August 2023
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I booked the train tickets IC 60403 from Amsterdam to Zurich (departing 9August) as part of my Europe trip. The train stopped in a few stations in Germany much longer than the scheduled time, including Frankfurt Hbf, Karlsruhe Hbf and Baden-Baden. The train was stuck at Baden-Baden until it was more than 90 minutes behind schedule, then there was an announcement saying the train would stop there and everyone had to get off. We then get on another train and ended up arriving at the destination Zurich with about 60 minutes delay. I was trying to look for compensation information, but all I found was I can get 25% refund for 60 to 120 minutes delay at departure, instead of a suddenly terminated and delayed train. Also I was required to fill in and print out a compensation form and return it to a Deutsche Bahn Travel Center if I want a refund. This is not possible for me since neither my starting station nor my destination is in Germany, and I will not go to Germany in my trip so I am not able to find such travel centers. Do I get a full refund in this situation, and how can I get it? Thank you very much. 


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Have you travelled with Interrail or Eurail Ticket? Just google Interrail+compensation or Eurail+compensation and you will find this (example for Interrail):


but depending on which pass you have, the compensation may be very low. I also had some delays with my 3month continuous pass, but it was not worth claiming the compensation

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Do you have a normal ticket or are you using Interrail/Eurail?

They were one way tickets booked through Trainline, I didn’t buy the pass. Looks like I won’t be getting any refunds unfortunately, it’s not worth it to send them the compensation form by post. Thank you for your replies anyway.