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If I have entered a longer journey with several changes in the mobile app: One of the trains is late and I cannot catch the following trains. Do I then have to put together a new trip or can I take other trains (no reservations) with the notice of the delay without having to re-enter everything?Or, optionally, can I immediately insert several trains as a ticket whose times overlap?

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You can't have overlapping trains, unless you add a train manually.

If you need new reservations, talk with the staff. You should be rebooked free of charge.

So if the connection no longer works due to a delay in an original train, do I have to look for a new connection and add it or not. The question of reservation is a different problem that I don't need an answer to here.
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You should indeed change the trains added to your pass so that it has the trains you will use.

Also take a screenshot of the original trains as added to your pass if you want to claim compensation for delay.

o.K. Thank you!


Gerhard Boßhammer