Welcome to the Eurail community!

  • 14 August 2023
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Welcome to the Eurail community!
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16 replies

Hello!! During the day, if I change several times of train, it’s only one day of my Eurail pass?

 Thank you very much. 

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yes it is only one day

Thank you very much 🙏🏼🙏🏼

If I travel by train to Luxembourg and than fly to Vienna, can I take a train from Vienna to Venice? Or do I have to travel continuously lets say from Luxembourg to Vienna and Venice? Thanks

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Sure it's not a problem to fly inbetween. On a pass day (00:00 - 23:59) you can board as many trains as you'd like.

If you'd like to avoid flying there are good night trains from Paris/Strasbourg (not daily), Brussels/Liège or Koblenz (departure 23:46) to Vienna. One pass day used since only the departure day counts. You have to pay accommodation : about 15€ for a seat, 30-40€ for a couchette or more for a private sleeper -> cheaper than a hotel night.

For further questions please create your own topic.

Hi I would like to ask, due to I will be start travel interstate in UK on 24/12, 26/12 will travel to Paris, 31/12 will travel to Interlaken and lastly 2/1 will be travel to Geneva. Should I purchase which kind of 5 days within 1 month Global pass or 15 days in a row continuous passes ? 

A group of 5 friends are traveling from USA to Paris in October.  We have never been to any of the places we are going to and just trying to figure out best way to do transportation.  We will leave Paris by Train and will be using the train for 9 days.

We want to take the train from Paris (9 hr) to Venice where we go through the Alps, change trains at Milan.  From Venice we go to Cortona (Tuscany area) and stay a week.  We will be taking day trips by train from Cortona to many cities mainly Pisa, Florence, Cinque Terre and a few others.  Then we ill take the train on the last day to Rome.  Trying to figure out if this pass would work for us and be worth it.  Will it cover the trains we need?

Thank you for your input.

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Please create your own topic to get better advice.

I don't think the pass will be good value as you need to add reservations on French and Italian high-speed trains, extra costs which quickly add up.

The direct train from Paris to Milan does not run at the moment due to a landslide. The line shouldn't reopen until late 2024. There is a replacement bus for part of the journey but it means a 11pm arrival in Milan! Better to travel via Switzerland, it's quite scenic too.

Most timetables for October aren't published yet and tickets go on sale around 3 months in advance. Book in advance high-speed trains for the best fares (yield management like air fares). On the other hand tegional train tickets (for the day trips in Tuscany for example) have a fixed price and can be bought at any point.

Btw October is a great time to visit Italy :)

If I reserve a seat now and change my mind on date of travel, can I change my time or date of travel and use the reservation seat on my original schedule?

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If I reserve a seat now and change my mind on date of travel, can I change my time or date of travel and use the reservation seat on my original schedule?

That depends on which train it is and where you book your reservation.

Optional reservations can often not be changed or cancelled (except when booked via cd.cz); for mandatory reservations it depends.

que costo de reserva tiene el tren madrid paris? y Paris Venecia?

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There is no direct Madrid-Paris and no direct Paris-Venice train.

You can do Madrid-Barcelona and then Barcelona-Paris. Would be about 45 euro for 2nd class reservations. 
Cheaper to take the Madrid-Marseille AVE for 10 euro and then from Marseille to Paris for 10-20 euro.

For Paris-Venice different routes with different costs of reservations are possible. In cheapest case you can do it for free, but that will take more than one day. So I guess you will pay minimum 20 euro for reservations.

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Also possible to do Madrid - San Sebastian - Hendaye - Paris for around 25€.

Feel free to create a post on your itinerary and we'll gladly help.

Here is a helpful link in case : https://www.seat61.com/interrail-and-eurail-reservations.htm

I want to travel month to month from country to country to meet all of Europe, Can you help me to know how start? Thanks 

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I want to travel month to month from country to country to meet all of Europe, Can you help me to know how start? Thanks 

This is a good place to start:


If you have specific questions, then it's better to create your own topic.

I was travelling last night in EN 40457 from Dresden to bratislava. I was robbed in the train. My bag was pulled off broke the bag zip took off my phone and cash and went off. How is this possible? Like is this so easy in the trains? You don't have any such security maintained? Moreover there was no one in the coach to help me no police no focal person of the coach. Please help me what should I do?