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Our community is here for everyone, however we want to make sure that the community offers a helpful and enjoyable experience for all visitors. Therefore we have a few guidelines we’d like you all to be familiar with, a code of conduct for posting on the community. These should not only help you understand how to act within the community but also help you understand what to expect from others in this space.

Your participation here is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms and Conditions.

Be kind. We are ALL travelers! All of us come from a diverse background and we welcome that here in this community space, with that being said please be committed to treating your fellow travelers with the utmost kindness and respect. This is a welcoming community of users (most importantly human beings) and we must make it a priority to keep this a safe space where everyone feels comfortable. No name-calling, offensive behavior, or bullying is allowed EVER

Engage with the Community. Our moderators will post helpful content but we really want to learn and hear from you! Take a look around and if you see a place where you can add your voice and expertise to an existing conversation or you want to start your own topic please jump in. 

Search first - ask second. We’ve got a lot of experts in all areas in this community who are happy to share, so before asking a question or starting a new topic make sure you’ve searched the entire forum. If after your initial search you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, feel free to start the conversation

Stay relevant. Don’t just post anywhere, try to post in the relevant category as best as you can. Also, don’t change the subject of a discussion to something not intended by the original poster. This makes things easier for everyone to reply to your topic and find information

Protect everyone’s privacy...including your own. We’ll be sharing a lot with each other which is great but make sure that you remember everything you share is public for all to see. Therefore do not post personal information (such as telephone number, address, social security number, email address, credit/debit card details etc.). Also, don’t share any personal information about others without their consent.

Play by the rules. No inappropriate content is allowed in this community. This includes (but is not limited to) spam, advertising, scams, malware, graphic content and copyright infringement. 

Report inappropriate activity. Should you come across a post or a comment that goes against these guidelines, let us know! Eurail staff is here to moderate the community, we read everything, but just in case we miss something, or if you see any posts that need attention please click on the three dots in the lower right corner of the post, and click on ‘’flag’’ to notify us. We will review it and take the appropriate actions.

Our community managers and moderators have full discretion to address any behavior they feel is inappropriate and can remove any content that they feel is unacceptable.


We may update these guidelines at any point, so check back to familiarize yourself with them every so often. Our terms, including the guidelines outlined above, are available here.

How to contact us: 
Any feedback, inquiries, or questions to the above guidelines and our Terms and Conditions should be sent to Please do not use the forums, direct messages or emails to individual staff members if you have questions about the Code of Conduct. Eurail staff will not address concerns using these channels.  

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