Advice on choosing Eurail and Pass type for trip


This is my first time traveling for 2 weeks around Europe and I am looking for good way to travel.

I am traveling from 

Eemshaven to Rotterdam

Rotterdam to Cologne

Cologne to Trier

Trier to Luxembourg

Luxembourg to Paris

Paris to Brussels

Brussels to Amsterdam 

Is it advisable to purchase the Eurail and if the answer is yes, which will be a good choice?

Thank you very much.

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Depends how picky you are in what trains to use and if you want to save money or rather time.

In DE=germany there is till aug a extremely cheap ticket for just 9€ till end of the month-and the long of your trips are in that country. LUX is free anyway. THis cheap ticket is ONLY valid in Nahverkehr=local trains, not the fast white ICE/IC. It also includes all local tram/bus etc.

You then prebook-and have to stick to those days/train LUX-P(French TGV)  and P-B and perhaps B-A.

BUT the last 2 legs on Thalys are hard to get (many trains out of service)and also cost a lot more as normal trains. B-A can be booked on local train untill 7 days before for lower price. OR use the BUS-FLIX for both these.

The first 2 legs In NL can be booked online without any discount via and wont be cheap, nor is there a realistic way to cut the price. For R→ Köln: buy ticket at NS to Venlo-then find german machine in hall-beside kiosk (NOT the yellow NS-machine!) and buy the 9€ ticket from there (technically it is only valid from next stop=1st in DE-officially you have to buy a ticket for 2,70 till there: Kaldenkirchen too.

Dan selamat jalan yah! You are nomber satu to arrive in NL on this new ferry I´ve seen.

Thank you for giving me a very detailed information.

It definitely brightens the journey.