Can I use both, the Mobile Pass and the Paper Pass?

  • 18 April 2022
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For my Ticket, I chose the Mobile Pass on the Interrail App.

Now I was wondering if it‘s possible to get the Paper Pass too.

Because I was kind of afraid to always have to rely on the battery of my phone.

Is ist possible to request a Paper Pass for my ticket if i already have the Mobile one?


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2 replies

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Not for the very same trips-duration, of course. That would make it far too easy to travel for the pirce of 1 as a twin. Note that-depending on where you live-many, not all. national traincompanies sell the paper pass right at the counter immediately. No need to pay extra for postage etc.

In fact I am today again using a day on an old-style paper pass as I´ve read too many horror stories on this forum about all types of problems with this new mobile thing.

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You can exchange it for a paper pass but you need enough time for it to arrive by post. And in that case, you'd better bought it from the DB ticket office...

If you're worried about battery life, then buy a power bank and keep it charged for emergencies.