Do I have to use my In- and Outbound Journey between Zagreb and Zürich?

  • 18 April 2022
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On my next coming Interrail trip I'd to use the nighttrain between Zagreb and Zürich. 

But I've seen in the Rail Planner App and also in the DB Navigator, that this train travels between Salzburg and Innsbruk through Germany.

I'm from Germany, so I don't know if I have to use my In- and my Outbound journey for this train or does a specific rule apply on this specific route, because I have seen that this train and also all the other trains don't stop in Germany.


Thank you :)



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The Nighttrain Zagreb to Zurich usually takes a different route without going via Germany :)
The train goes usually via  Villach (CarCarriage for Feldkirch will be added) - Schwarzach St Veit (here it gets additional cars from Graz) - Zell am See (without stop) to Innsbruck :)

For the Route Salzburg - Innsbruck is a special contract between Germany and Austria active that means that you technically never left Austria :) “Korridorverkehr” this means the direct Journey Salzburg - Innsbruck won´t use one of your Inbound/Outbound journey´s :)

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Almost all trains between west Austria and east Austria run between Kufstein and Salzburg through Bavaria, but they run as Austrian trains and with Austrian train tariff.  This means no Outbound/Inbound needed. But please check if the app, does it right and don’t activate an Outbound/Inbound trip.