Do I need a global pass?

  • 25 March 2024
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Hello, I will be traveling from Florence to Zurich.  Then Zurich to Paris, and finally from Paris to Barcelona the week of May 4, 2024.  Can anyone tell me the best way to purchase tickets on Eurail?  Do I need a global pass?  It seems a bit expensive.


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You'll need to compare buying regular ticket with a pass and reservations. Regular tickets have dynamic prices, so you need to look up prices for your dates and times.

Look here for prices of regular tickets:

Florence to Zurich: (pass reservation €13+€13 for the journeys with 1 change)

Zurich to Paris: (pass reservation €29 in 2nd class, €39 in 1st)

Paris to Barcelona: (pass reservation €35)

Pass reservations can be booked here: There are ways to spend less on pass reservations, but journeys will take a bit more time then.

Thank you very much for your response. So I’m a bit confused because I was originally going to purchase the Global Pass for 5 days but was told by a user in the Community that I should not buy one because I would only be traveling less days. So I went to try and purchase. But now I’m reading that I need to buy a Global Pass again. Is it because I’m coming from the United States? Do I need the pass? I appreciate the information 🙂

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As I tried to explain, you can also travel on regular tickets instead of with a pass. But whether that will be cheaper, we can't tell you because only you know when you want to travel.

The pass price to compare with should be a global 4-day pass, plus the reservations that I mentioned in my previous post. You'll only need it on 3 days, so you'll have one day to spare.