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  • 4 February 2024
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I'm flying in to Sofia and using up a 15 Day

Day 1 Sofia to Bucharest no problems , then as I progress North it's asking for a Fee , if I choose no reservations my choices dwindle to nothing , I should surely be able to progress in  Eastern Europe just by hopping on and showing my Valid pass in the App, Bucharest to Clug comes in at 12 Euro , the app seems to be throttling me very slowly if I choose no reservations.Any body had previous experiences through Romania Hungary Slovakia with the Valid Pass on the App.

Thanks in advance from Chris


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In Romania, all long distance trains require a reservation. They're not expensive (IR €1 or IC €3.60), and you can usually still get them last minute but you do need them.

In Hungary, you also need an inexpensive seat reservation in most long-distance trains. In Slovakia only in 1st class.

See this page where best to book reservations:
That's usually not via Eurail. They charge an extra €2 booking fee per person and train and that quickly adds up. Also note that the app can't book anything, it only forwards to some of the websites where you can book, including the Eurail website.

Finally, don't plan using the rail planner app or the Eurail website. They're incomplete, often out of date and not reliable. National or the operators’ websites/apps are much more reliable; for international journeys, or the DB Navigator app is a good choice.

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Thanks for info, I'll follow that link and do my research , not throwing Euros away for no good reason.


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3 euros at Bucharest to Budapest at Int Ticket office compared to 12 euro on the App