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  • 30 October 2021
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Hi there,

Last august I made an expensive mistake. During my travel in Copenhagen I used my interrailpas assuming i could also ride the metro (as the subway was also permitted). Seems like I was wrong and got an evasion ticket of 100 euro. I payed the ticket, though I found it pretty unfair and was wondering if it is worthwhile to go in to appeal via The Appeal Board for Bus, Train and Metro in Denmark. Does anybody had this same situation before? Or can somebody tell me if it is already a lost case?



2 replies

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I don't think it's worth to go into appeal. The metro (= subway / underground) in Copenhagen (or anywhere else) is not included. The only included trains are often (but not always) suburban trains, which in Copenhagen is the S-tog. The country info in the Interrail app mentions the S-tog but not the metro.

Or did you see any official written source that the metro would be included?

Okay, than thats the difference. I interpreted the S-tog as an above ground subway. So that's were the confusion started… So I dont have any official written source of that sort. So probably you are right. Still the fee feels pretty exorbitant!