First global pass day in a single country

  • 21 April 2024
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I’m going to Italy with my aunt. I’m in Switzerland, and she lives in France. She’s coming to Switzerland by plane on Monday 29 April. 

We’re starting our trip from Switzerland, Wednesday 8 May. I bought her a global senior pass for 4 days.

My question is: 

  • Can she use her Interrail after landing in Geneva on Monday and coming to Lausanne (so it’ll be her 1st day with her pass). 
  • And then, two days later, we’ll go to Napoli, Italy. (2nd day of her pass). 
  • We’ll leave Napoli Sunday 12 May (3rd day of her pass). 
  • And she’ll take her plane back to France on Monday, 13 May. So she’ll take again the train from Lausanne to Geneva, which are again 2 cities in Switzerland (4th day of pass?).

➡️ Is it okay to use her 4 days of global pass like this ?

Or does she need to buy the round trip train tickets for Geneva-Lausanne ?

I asked 3 different people at the train station, but they gave me 3 different answers… So it’s why I’m coming to this wonderful community to hopefully get the right answer ✌️


Thank you in advance for your kindness ✨




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Yes. You can choose any 4 days to use the pass within one month from the first use

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Yes, there’s direct trains from Geneva Airport to Lausanne a few times an hour. She can use the pass on this.

I guess she has a 4 days in 1 month pass.

Don’t pay too much attention to what they say at the train station - they probably don’t know much about what kind of pass you’ll buy!

Thank you very much, @ralderton

That’s what I thought, but they made me doubt 🫣

Have a nice day ✨