How to get tickets where no seat reservations are required on Trenitalia

Hello! I booked a 5 day global pass for my family to which I have one day set aside to go from Milan Central to Varenna to visit lake como.  When looking up the route on the eurail site it states that these trains dont require set reservations but when I go to the Trenitalia sitte directly it gives me the option to purchase tickets and for a specific train ride and to purchase with a credit card which means I am not using my day I had set aside on my global pass.  I want to use 1 day out of the 5 I have to book these tickets. How do I do that through eurail?  Is there a way to book the tickets through the Trenitalia site using my family’s eurail pass #s without having to purchase tickets on a credit card?  Or with eurrail is the only way I have to book tickets is to go to the station during our trip?  I would prefer to purchase the tickets now vs risk trying to get during my trip.  Any suggestions or instructions would be greatly appreciated!


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Trains on that route do not offer seat reservations.

In Italy, as in most European countries, trains marked as Regional, with R, RV, RE or similar cannot be reserved. You simply board and sit in any unoccupied seats.

If you want to use your pass for these or any other train without required reservations all you need to do is add the train you will take to your pass and activate it.

The Eurail pass is your ticket.

If you wish to pay for these trains without using your pass then pay online at trenitalia or at the station before boarding, these regional trains have fixed fares.

Thank you for this answer. I have another question. How do you add the train to your pass?

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Have you looked at the guide?