I can’t add my pass to my account it’s saying ''the details are incorrect''

  • 17 June 2022
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Hi, please can you help.  I can’t add my pass to my account it’s saying the details are incorrect.  I’ve input them exactly as on my confirmation email etc but had no luck!!!! 

I have a double barrelled last name so think this is where the issue lies!

I travel tomorrow so need this sorting urgently and cannot get through on the phones!  

Please can someone contact me today.



Harvey O’Sullivan Ryder


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4 replies

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Only Customer Support can help you with this. You need to contact Customer Support through this form and clearly write that you will be travelling tomorrow and that you need immediate assistance as you can't activate your pass.


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Have you followed the instructions in the guide for the mobile pass?


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Have you tried adding just one of your last names instead of both?

Are you using the correct pass number, the number from the confirmation email?

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Its probably he same as many Irish so proud of their ´O´ (Reilly or whatever) have reported here.

@Ryder, just use only name with letters only, no special signs. They do not really care-and nr of ID is always proof in the unlikely event you get questioned.