Innsbruck to Verona on a one country (Germany) pass

  • 6 February 2024
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Hello, I know that a Germany one country rail pass will enable me to go from, say, Munich to Innsbruck or Munich-Innsbruck-Verona. But if, after spending some days Innsbruck, I travel from Innsbruck to Verona, will this qualify as one my days with a Germany one country pass?


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Yes, you can indeed do that.

Additionally, you can find more details about using your German Rail Pass on this website:

The train service offered by ÖBB and DB in Italy covers routes from Venice/Bologna to Verona, Bozen, Innsbruck, and Munich. Seat reservations are not mandatory, but you have the option to reserve your own seat in either first or second class with a seat card starting from just €3.

Unfortunately, the information on the website is in German, but you can utilize Google Translate to access more details here:

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You always need to log trains you're taking on Rail Planner app. This will give you a QR-code, your ticket. It can be done at any time prior to boarding.

On top of that, seat reservations are sometimes mandatory and sometimes optional. They are a totally different process and these can be made on the railway companies websites between others.

Onboard show both the Rail Planner app and the reservations PDF.


How does the DB train system work? I managed to reserve seats on certain trains for our trip.  My global pass will only be activated the first day I travel.  Is my trip planning complete or do I still have to confirm time of trains?


Thank you

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I would ask at ÖBB or DB if the supplement is needed with a German Rail Pass. 

My last information is that you don't need it, but we had here in the community a discussion about it. But no official documents about.

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Yes I don't see any issues with that as long as you board one of the EC trains on that route.

There is a 10€ supplement (15€ in 1st class) for the Brenner route. Buy it on ÖBB or elsewhere. Seat reservations very recommended on that busy route too.