Innsbruck to Verona on a one country (Germany) pass

  • 6 February 2024
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Hello, I know that a Germany one country rail pass will enable me to go from, say, Munich to Innsbruck or Munich-Innsbruck-Verona. But if, after spending some days Innsbruck, I travel from Innsbruck to Verona, will this qualify as one my days with a Germany one country pass?


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Yes I don't see any issues with that as long as you board one of the EC trains on that route.

There is a 10€ supplement (15€ in 1st class) for the Brenner route. Buy it on ÖBB or elsewhere. Seat reservations very recommended on that busy route too.

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I would ask at ÖBB or DB if the supplement is needed with a German Rail Pass. 

My last information is that you don't need it, but we had here in the community a discussion about it. But no official documents about.


How does the DB train system work? I managed to reserve seats on certain trains for our trip.  My global pass will only be activated the first day I travel.  Is my trip planning complete or do I still have to confirm time of trains?


Thank you

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You always need to log trains you're taking on Rail Planner app. This will give you a QR-code, your ticket. It can be done at any time prior to boarding.

On top of that, seat reservations are sometimes mandatory and sometimes optional. They are a totally different process and these can be made on the railway companies websites between others.

Onboard show both the Rail Planner app and the reservations PDF.

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Yes, you can indeed do that.

Additionally, you can find more details about using your German Rail Pass on this website:

The train service offered by ÖBB and DB in Italy covers routes from Venice/Bologna to Verona, Bozen, Innsbruck, and Munich. Seat reservations are not mandatory, but you have the option to reserve your own seat in either first or second class with a seat card starting from just €3.

Unfortunately, the information on the website is in German, but you can utilize Google Translate to access more details here: