Is it possible to buy a paper pass in Paris?

  • 30 August 2023
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Hello all, I am very grateful for the advice.


I need to travel tomorrow at short notice! Is it possible to buy a physical paper pass anywhere in Paris. A couple years ago I went to an SNCF ticket office and they said they no longer did them, however their explanation was because I had a British passport, which seemed far-fetched.

I’d love a paper pass, especially as I prefer them (despite the advantages of mobile). I have a normal full-fare ticket to Paris, however I would need Interrail from there. Is there anywhere I can purchase one!

Many thanks!

3 replies

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Interrail passes should be available at the big stations but I have no personal experience.

Maybe last time they thought that you needed a Eurail Pass because of Brexit (even though that's wrong).

Worst case if they don't have it, you can still order it online minutes before you travel. If needed you can also make reservations before buying it (through the railway companies*).

Feedback much appreciated :)

*when possible. Have a look at :

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In principle, it is inconceivable that they should not be available at major stations. I still wonder if anyone has any experience buying one in Paris recently. Thanks for the links, I already know those resources well however it is very kind to share them!

Even SBB are only selling digital passes these days, so I am unsure about the SNCF situation.



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Does anyone have experience of having done this recently? Thank you